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Having a broken or a dent garage door panel can cause you a lot of worry and headaches, especially when you think that the only course is replacing the entire garage door. Luckily, we at Olympus Garage Door Repair got a better solution for you – replacing just the damaged panels. Call us now to receive a same-day visit from one of our professional technicians.

Different Garage Door Panel Damages

A bent or dent garage door panel can be caused by a lot of different reasons. The following are the most common ones:


Accidents are the most common source for a damaged garage door panel, as they can happen to anyone, regardless of how careful they are. For example, you can reverse to go out of your garage without noticing that the door is still closed.


Different weather conditions can cause damage to your panels. One of the most common weather damage for example is high winds that carry debris. Even though the debris can seem small and insignificant, it can create dents in your garage door panels. 


Like every other part of the garage door system, panels are prone to wear and tear problems, especially if you don’t maintain your door regularly.

Panel Replacement vs Garage Door Replacement

Panel Replacement

Typically, it is best to consider panel replacement when the door has only suffered minor damages. That means one or two panels were broken or bent. Though we can’t bend the panel back and put it in again, we can find panels for almost every garage door brand. That way, you can have something that’s uniform and keeps the space enclosed and protected.

Garage Door Replacement

It’s best to replace the whole garage door when the panels have suffered extensive damage. Usually, “extensive damage” refers to whole sections of panels being bent or broken. Another reason to replace the whole door is the age (10 to 15 years old). It might not be possible to find a suitable panel and It can also be the time to get a replacement anyway.


Most times we will need to replace a damaged garage door panel. However, if the panel is just slightly bent it is possible to reinforce it sometimes, but the damage will be visible.

The longer you wait with the repair, the chances of having other garage door issues rise. For example, damaged panels can cause the garage door go off-track.

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