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Installing or replacing garage door cables is an important task that requires experience and proper training. Garage door cables can have a variety of issues which all lead to the same result – you not being able to open your garage door. If you are facing problems with your garage door cables, reach us today to receive service from one of our licensed & professional technicians.

Signs That You Need to Replace your Garage Door Cables

Old Cables

Due to the immense workload garage door cables needs to carry, they become prone for wear and tear issue such as snapped cables.


The cables, just like other parts of the garage door system are made of steel. For that reason, they are vulnerable to rust issues, especially if your garage is humid and you don’t do regular maintenance.

Unwound Cables

Usually the result of loose cables, the cables can sometimes slip off the drum and become unwound.

Jammed Cables

Jamming can occur when the cables tangle after moving off the turning drum. When this problem occurs, you won’t be able to open or close your garage door.

Garage Door Cable Repair Service

Safety Cables

If you have extension springs, you most likely have safety cables as well. These cables are responsible to keep your springs in place in case they break. Without safety cables, the springs can break into small pieces and scatter all over the garage, damaging your property and even causing injuries.

Garage Door Safety Cables


Garage door cables are the part of the system that lifts and close the door. If you have damaged cables DO NOT try to operate the garage door until the cables are replaced or fixed.

Every DIY repair that involves parts that are responsible for holding the garage door can be extremely dangerous, we advise you to contact a professional garage door repair service company for these kind of issues. 

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